Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Belli Challenge #7 - HARDWARE!

What is the Belli Challenge you ask? Belli = Embellishments. Each week, I try to give us a challenge that will use things we have lying around our stamp rooms! With a constant flow of new things coming out, I tend to forget about the other things I have and they quickly become clutter! So come join us in the Belli Challenge and be sire to post your link to the card here for a chance to WIN!

This Weeks Belli Challenge is HARDWARE!!! There are SO many different things we can do with your hardware!

This week's Belli Challenge will be to use your HARDWARE! It can be any kind! Hodgpodge- or other - brads- try to use things you might not NORMALLY use.

Make a completed project and share the link here in the comments linking to my Blog and CBC7.

Be sure to post a link to your card mentioning my Blog and the Challenge for a chance to win an assortment of hardware! from Stampin' Up! When you post to Splitcoaststampers or to your Blog, be sure and put CBC7 as the KEYWORD and mention of the challenge! Then make a comment under this with a link to your card and a number so we can do a Random drawing for the winner.

Deadline to make a comment with the upload and do the Challenge will be on Monday evening. A random drawing will be held on Tuesday and the winner will be announced on Wednesdays!

This is a card I made a year and a half ago and posted it on SCS back in July of 2007 when this stamp set first came out. I made a different card yesterday and didn't like the way it turned out, so I will fix it upon my return. I get to go scrapbooking for 5 days! WOOHOO!

Anyways, what I used to make this project:
Stamp Sets: Jumbo Wheel - Rough Texture, French Script BG retired, Lilacs

Cardstock and Ink: Sahara Sand, Elegant Eggplant, Lavender Lace, Always artichoke,

Accessories: Sponges, Natural Hemp, White gel pen and Pewter Hodgepodge, 1/16th hole punch.

For more inspiration - Check out these and make a comment too for them please!


Nancy Grant said...

Hello Chrissy,

Thought I'd share some cards that I did with my SU! hardware.


Corie said...

Oh my this is just so GORGEOUS!!

Debby said...

Hi Chrissy, I am really late on your challenge, so sorry. Had a migraine for 2 days and it really got me down. Anyway, here is my card finally. I found some heart brads for hardware and a Peace metal hardware piece to add to the card. Hope you like it.
Angel Hugs

Anonymous said...

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