Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hello Everyone-
I am in a WONDERFUL Yahoo Group we call the "ISLAND." It is filled with a sweet group of women - all different personalities and gifted in so many ways!!! I have been a part of this group around 8 years.  Many of them have been in this group for longer than I have. We all share different  opinions, etc - but the best thing of all is we can discuss these things with Love and Respect for one another. It is so nice to have a group of friends - some we have met and some we have not and to what a blessing it is to SHARE LIFE TOGETHER. I LOVE THIS GROUP of wonderful women even when we can agree to disagree!

Anyways, this Christmas Season, we decided to do a STOCKING SWAP! I received mine yesterday from my beautiful friend, Angie, who is having quite the challenging year! I am SO BLESSED by all of the goodies she sent to me - most of which were HANDMADE!!! In between caring for her husband and family through many Character Building Opportunities, she found the time to BLESS ME! So here is a BIG THANK YOU and a BIG HUG to her....

Here are the goodies she sent to me!!! I am SOOOO BLESSED!!!

Here is my goodie box....

Such a gorgeous card!!! Love the SPARKLES!!!!

A beautiful picture and Cross Stitched Book mark! 

This little treasure box filled with Inspirational Quotes to lift me up when I am feeling low. Cards shown below...

Ohhh here is my stocking! As you can see not everything fit into this beautiful stocking!!!
A gift pack of cards and kisses.... yummmm - wait I think those are called HUGS? :)

2 Little Note pads and a wooden Christmas Tree... but now that I think about it I think the Christmas Tree should be with the ornament.

A Little Box of THANKS filled with strips of paper so that I can write all that I am thankful for!
 A Beautifully crocheted or knit wash cloth..... The poem says

Thank you God for dirty dishes,
They have quite the Tale to tell.
While many folks go hungry, 
We hope you are eating well.
With home, health and happiness,
We shouldn't want the fuss,
For by the stack of evidence,
GOD is very good to us.

LOVE THIS!!! I need new wash cloths!!! :)
 This CUTE ornament

This beautiful hand made wreath...
And LAST but not least - this COZY handmade hat and scarf. 

Chrissy D


Cassie said...

Wow, Chrissy, what a wonderful box of goodies! How great that you get to be a part of such a blessing filled group!

Shelly said...

ISLAND GIRLS ROCK!! ... so glad your stocking wasn't filled with coal, lol, but we all know you are definitely on the NICE list!!! Merry Christmas, Chris, and thanks for sharing!!

woodenstamp said...

You are so right about us Island girls, a great group we belong to. Angie did a wonderful job with your stocking full of goodies. Wow!

Merry Christmas!

seamom said...

WOW! What a thoughful and generous e-friend!