Saturday, January 5, 2008

The chipboard - WSC 29

Well, it has been awhile since I have taken the challenge. Life has been throwing me some curves, but I am persevering through many difficulties and learning to GROW through them!
Anyways - back to the FUN stuff. Have you ever had anything you moved around so many times that you lost count as to how many times you moved it? Well, I had this piece of chipboard that fell out of the package MONTHS ago and I never actually took the 2 seconds it would take to put it away. Instead, I moved it from table to table or drawer to drawer only to have my 6 yo stamper dd bring it out and to move it again. So today, as I sat in my office, there it was - looking at me and I had a choice.... actually put it away with my chipboard or to use it. So with this challenge before me - I decided to use it.
In addition to that, my friend Holly sent me those little tear drops today. I LOVE fun mail. Nothing better than to get some fun new supplies to play with! I am not necessarily sure they go well with a masculine card, but I forged ahead on a mission to actually use them.
I ended up making this card for my nephews up and coming birthday. Another great fete for me! I am ahead of the game and have a birthday card ready before the actual date! YAHOO!
So here is the recipe - I used the Weathered background and Noble Deer stamp set. I watercolored it using the watercolor wonder crayons and aquapainters. Other materials used are: Close to Cocoa, Basic Black,Very Vanilla, Creamy Caramel cardstock, distresser, sponges, tear drops, mini glue dots, twill and chipboard. Ink colors: Craft Chocolate Chip, Black Staz On, Close to Cocoa. I found some non-SU ribbon in my box and instead of the circle, I decided to use that small swatch of ribbon. Not sure if I like it - but it is complete for now....until I take it apart and redo it. LOL The letters are Making Memory Rub Ons.
Thanks for looking!


beate said...

Great manly card, Chris!
Thanks so much for playing with the sketch.
Have a great weekend
Hugs and smiles

Andrea, said...

great card, those stamps are wonderful

Anonymous said...

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