Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chrissy's Belli Challlenge #15 - PENCILS!

What is the Belli Challenge you ask? Belli = Embellishments.

Each week, I try to give us a challenge that will use things we have lying around our stamp rooms! With a constant flow of new things coming out, I tend to forget about the other things I have and they quickly become clutter! Come join us in the Belli Challenge and be sure to post your link to the card!

This Weeks Belli Challenge is PENCILS Your challenge this week is to make a project using any kind of PENCIL! Art Pencils with Gamsol, Watercolor Pencils, Metallic Pencils...let your imagination go wild! I bought a box of Prismacolor pencils and have let them sit. I also have a box of watercolor pencils, I rarely use!

Make a completed project and share the link here in the comments linking to my Blog and CBC15. When you post to Splitcoaststampers or to your Blog, be sure and put CBC15 as the KEYWORD and mention of the challenge! The winner will recieve a memo cube, stamped or unstamped. Deadline to make a comment with the upload and do the Challenge will be on Monday evening. A random drawing will be held on Tuesday and the winner will be announced on Wednesdays! This week's winner is Joan Ervin. I will attach her link soon, right now my computer is acting fussy.

Between doctors appointments, getting side tracked with other stamping projects and being out of town, I did not get a project completed yet...just started! Once I get my children started on school this morning, I will complete my project and have one here for you. Sorry for the delay!
My card also utilizes the Splitcoast Sketch Challenge #174 and the Penciled twinks technique. Oh yes, one more challenge! Korin's Fantastic Friday Challenge was to make a Masculine card!
Here are the details:
Stamp Sets: Stampscapes sent to me as an RAK from Holly (I colored it in) Stampin' Up! Wildlife Reserve, Lovely as a Tree, All in a Row Sweet n' Sassy Stamps Encouragement
Cardstock and Ink: Night of Navy, White Naturals, Western Sky DP, Holiday harmony DP, River Rock, Blue Bayou, Black Staz On
Accessories: Watercolor Pencils, Pewter hodgepodge, Twill, Dimensionals, Word Window Punch, Corner Rounder, Oval Cutter (trimmed and rounded edges with Paper snips), blender pen, Golden Bamboo Twinkling H20's, Aquapainter, Paper piercing Tool, Mat Pack

For more inspiration -Check out these and make a comment too for them please! We all LOVE comments. It is fun to see what everyone is thinking about what we are creating! :) Have a fabulous day!
Holly Brown
Laurie Serino
Trish Wood
Shelly Koskinen
Debby McGivillary

Guest Designer? Your name could be here! :) Contact me if you are interested at

Thank you for playing along!


Kathy Miller said...

I like this card! It's very nice.

huntla1 said...

Beautiful card! I make a lot of masculine cards and always find it hard except for my one outdoorsy nephew. This would be perfect for him! Great job.

Anonymous said...

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