Saturday, June 21, 2008

Clouds with Lightning - Encouragement Cards

You know who I LOVE? Even though I do not know him by name - I just LOVE it when he comes to my door... my post man! He is the best and always brings me fun mail.
The other day, I got 3 large packages! One from Stampscapes, another from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps and another from Stampin' Up!. Talk about a FUN mail day!!!
I had a class which is this morning to plan for, so I didn't have time to play - not to mention birthday parties we were throwing for our dd and out of town In-laws being over. That truly limited my play time (oops!! I better say work time - because that is what I tell my hubby ***giggle***)
Last night, I was playing (working) around with my new stamps - Sweet 'n Sassy's Jesus Cares and Stampscapes cloud with lightning - this did not turn out on paper as I saw it in my head - (neither card did) but sometimes that happens! LOL

I saw this stamp and it reminded me of God being ALL POWERFUL - He is in complete control of all things - I THANK and PRAISE Him for that because I tend to screw up a lot and it is good to know that someone else has MORE control than I do! I also am thankful that He can work my "bad" for His good!

Ok- sorry that turned into a short testimonial instead of a detailed report of the cards.

Here are the details for the first card:
Stamp Sets: Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps Jesus Cares, SU Weathered, Canvas, Stampscapes Cloud with Lightning Lg.
Cardstock and Ink: Night of Navy, Whisper White, Bordering Blue
Accessories: Silver Brads, Sponge, half inch and 1/4 inch circle punch, ticket corner punch, white gel pen, 1/16th hole punch, brayer
Second card details:
Stamp Sets: Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps Jesus Cares, SU Weathered, Stampscapes Cloud with Lightning,
Cardstock & Ink: Glossy White, Almost Amethyst, Ballet Blue, Night of Navy
Accessories: 1/4 inch circle punch, Silver Bells Dew Drops, Corner Rounder, Lg & Sm. Oval Punch, Dimensionals, Sponge Daubers, Q-tips
All for God's glory! May you feel His presence in the storms of your life.
Thank you for looking! Have a great weekend!


chelemom said...

WOW! These are absolutely awesome!!! I love love love these both!!!!

Christi said...

Gorgeous Chris!!! You never cease to amaze me! :)

Kathy said...

This look really neat!! I love that lightning!! Nice job!! All your cards are very creative and your coloring is great!!

(Thanks so much for your kind words!! I truly appreciate them!)

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! I love thunderstorms, not severe ones, the rumbling kind. (though you guys up there don't need anymore for quite a while)
I am going to check out those sites I really love the scripture quotes!

Anonymous said...

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