Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello Friends! As many of you know, I am an AVID paper crafter. In the past, I would do ANYTHING to avoid cleaning.  This product has revolutionized the way I think about cleaning. Norwex has saved me tons of time and quite honestly, my house has never been cleaner! (mind you, I am still a work in progress and if you stop over, there will be occasional clutter on my dining room table! LOL)

I have recently been introduced to a cleaning product (s) called Norwex. If you haven't heard of Norwex before, I would LOVE to introduce it to you and show you some of the things it can do! I am so IMPRESSED with this product, I decided to become a Norwex Consultant!!

I have a NEW website where orders can be placed! I am taking bookings for Book parties OR Demonstrations and I am  having an OPEN HOUSE this Saturday, June 9 from 9:30 am-12:00 pm. I will do demos - and answer questions! This is a come and go Open House. Stay for the presentation, have a snack and go when you are done! :)

I am SO EXCITED about this product and how it has DRASTICALLY cut back the use of chemicals and things that I have SCRUBBED and spent hours working on cleaning - shine with as little as a wipe with one of the
Norwex cloths.

Many of you know have known me for years and have NEVER heard me excited about cleaning products. Never in my life would I say I have been excited about cleaning products! :) Well, a few friends have introduced me to this product that is CHEMICAL- FREE/ Toxin and WORKS! It has saved me TONS of time and there are NO CHEMICALS OR TOXINS! Which is wonderful as everyone in my family has allergies!!!

Quite honestly, Adam thinks I am NUTS for wanting to do this (since I have NEVER wanted to clean before... why would I want to sell this? :) ) We are in a position, I do not "need" to work, but I feel this product is WORTH telling you about and doing as a business with my family. I feel this product is THAT GOOD. Here are some of the benefits of Norwex that we personally have experienced...

Remove Grease with a single swipe?
Have a shiny sink within minutes and no toxins?
Remove Rust stains on a bath tub and hot tub jets?
Remove Sharpie Marker from floors and walls, easily?
Dust the house without particles floating every where?
Remove built on Soap Scum in your bathroom with out tons of chemicals and elbow grease?


I have a new business website too -
I also have a new Facebook Page here - where many of my customers are giving testimonials and where there will be product information too!

If you contact me to put a date on the calendar before June 9 for this month or July, I will give you a special deal - contact me to find out what it is! :)

Watch for information and before and after shots HERE! Have a great night!
Chrissy D

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