Wednesday, February 20, 2008

No time to Stamp -

This is our radiator.....

If visual images make you queasy - do not look! this is not the worst injury I have seen, but still isn't pretty!

This week, I have not had a lot of time to stamp. Monday night was Stamp Camp and Tuesday night, my Grace, tripped and fell and hit her head on our radiator splitting her forehead open.

Then Tuesday evening, my little sweetie fell and hit her head on our radiator. That radiator is the culprit of MANY emergency room visits. Last year, my son Noah was playing Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots and decided to free fall backwards on his head on the radiator. That required stitches too. So last night, the night I was going to stamp, Grace tripped and fell head first into our radiator and split her forehead open. She was SO brave and hardly even cried!

We took her in and she got 4 stitches. Grace's 3 yo sister was SO concerned for her. So it was a late night for the kids. They are tired today!
I will be posting the Belli challenge shortly. I did make that last week instead of waiting until the last minute! I was on top of it for once. LOL


Nancy Grant said...

Oh no! So sorry that she had such a bad ouchie. YIKES! Best wishes to a speedy recovery.


Joan Ervin said...

OMG, scarry for your little Grace must have been stressed to the max!!! Glad all is well and hope Grace recovers fast!!