Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello Everyone -
I have had several people ask me what I use for my Airbrushing for the card I made HERE (also the Belli Challenge!

I thought I would let you know, take pictures and write up a small tutorial... Last year, I asked my sweet husband for an Air Compressor for Mother's Day and rather than buy me one, he had an extra air tank in the garage and for under $3.00 (US currency) he set me up with this air tank! It is NOT the prettiest, but it is QUIET!

If you do NOT want to have an air tank but rather use the Copic Air cans - you will need to buy the Copic Airbrush Starter Set - Merri Artist has a great price on this. Ellen Hutson has these supplies HERE too.

Another thing you can do is buy an air compressor for this too. This runs around $200-$300-. Depending on where you buy it. You will still need the Copic Airbrush Starter Set.

The Sparmax AC-101 Windstorm Airbrush Compressor features a 1/8 HP motor and a true automatic shutoff. Produces 40 psi on / 60 psi off. 12-14 liters per minute airflow. Includes 2 airhoses, moisture trap, true air regulator (not a bleed valve). A set of hose adapters for all major airbrushes are included.

That maybe be noisy though, which doesn't work well when you have young children or others sleeping while you craft! Ellen Hutson has the Sparmax AC-100 Windstorm and Merri Artists has the Sparmax AC-101 Windstorm Airbrush Compressor. Both run about $200- plus shipping.

Ok - moving on to my Air Tank - If you had to buy everything that I have here, you could do it for UNDER $125-, even less if you bought it all on sale...

1. We had an air tank in the garage - this one is 7 gallon, but my husband says a 5 gallon would work too. (see above picture)
2. He removed the flexible hose and bought 1/4" x 6" tubing and screwed that into the hole.
3. He had a regulator with a gauge that regulates the pressure down. (pictured below)

4. From ANY hardware store, he bought 1/4" barbed fitting with outer threads) and attached that to the regulator.

5. He also bought 1/8" tubing rated for 60 pounds about 6 ft. long so I can make it reach across my mess.(see image below.)

6. On the other end of the hose is the Copic adapter and he attached that with another Barbed fitting (with inner threads). With the supplies we had in the garage it cost us a total of $3.00 (us)
7. You will need to have the Copic Airbrush Kit, ABS-3, I bought mine from Ellen Hutson, however Merri Artists has it for a few dollars less. So depending on where you like to shop, save on shipping and buy it from that place! :)

I am NOT mechanical at all, so this really helped me, plus SAVED me money for other stamp supplies and MORE Copics! :) By the way, I typed this up BUT with my husband's help. NONE of this makes sense to me (except for the $3 part!) That is why I included pictures!!! I am a visual person. I am NOT mechanical so when he explained it to me it was like speaking FRENCH to me AND I DO NOT speak French!!! :)

My sweet husband sent me these links for parts if you need to see what they look like... Isn't he great? I love him!!!!
160 PSI HVLP Air Regulator

5 Gallon Portable Air Tank




1/8 HP, 0-40 PSI Oilless Airbrush Compressor

I hope this helps you all! Have a great day! Join us for the Belli Challenge!!! And be sure to check out the AWESOME Technique Junkies Newsletter!!!
Chrissy D


Toni said...

I just found your blog - I just had to say congrats on your weight loss journey! You are doing awesome!! Cute card.

di said...

that was so nice of your husband to do that - I bought the Windstorm 101 - it is very quiet - a lot of the other ones are not.

Kimm BT said...

Adam is awesome! My hubby has a large air compressor (30 gal??) would the same set up work? Thanks Chrissy... you just saved a gal $197 bucks:)