Tuesday, August 19, 2008


What is the Belli Challenge you ask? Each week, I try to give us a challenge that will use things we have lying around our stamp rooms! With a constant flow of new things coming out, I tend to forget about the other things I have and they quickly become clutter!

This Weeks Belli Challenge is COASTERS!! You can make, embellish or design MANY different things with your COASTERS. You can use the chipboard coasters, you know the ones many restaurants have...Here are some ideas.... Post-it note holder, cards, boxes, the list goes on and on!!! ANY other ideas?

Here is what you need to do...Make a completed project using anything with a COASTER and share the link here in the comments linking to my Blog and CBC30. When you post to Splitcoaststampers or to your Blog, be sure and put CBC30 as the KEYWORD and mention of the challenge - with a link!I will do a random drawing for all participants and we will feature that persons art work on my Blog AND they can pick a week to be a Guest Designer for the Belli Challenge!

This week's winner is JOAN ERVIN! Click on her name to check out her fabulous gallery.

Here are the details on my project...

I was at my girlfriend's house this weekend as you know and I had SQUARE COASTERS at home...but she had round ones, so I thought it would be FUN to make a ROUND card.

I used my Coluzzle and cut the largest circle I could in the Riding Hood Red cardstock. I used her large Corner Rounder to make the larger scallops. There was no circle size for the chipboard, so I just traced it and cut around the Baja Breeze Cardstock, then used the Coluzzle for consecutive layer of Tangerine Tango.

I designed a "FLAP" and used RED STICKY TAPE to attach it on both circles. I attached it UNDER the layers so they will not show on either peice of cardstock.

I used the 1/8th circle punch to add a little more detail to the card and sponged the edges with the same color.

The images and words that I used are from my upcoming Stamp Set - Autumn Blessings that will be released SEPTEMBER 1. This will be your

ONE AND ONLY SNEAK PEEK before the Blog Hop! So be sure to keep an eye out for more information as we get closer to the RELEASE PARTY!

Be sure to check out what everyone else has made and make a comment too for them please! We all LOVE comments. It is fun to see what everyone is thinking about what we are creating! :)


Holly Brown
Shelly Koskinen
Christi Thorsen
Rochelle Wick
Ceal Pritchett
Danita Hollander
Jennifer Greco
Debby McGivillary
Lorie Ames

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to upload and share your Art with us! We love to see it! Have a fabulous day!


Rochelle W said...

How cute is this. Very cool Chris.

Ceal said...

too cute! I have a few round ones I will have to make a card with them

Lorie said...

Oooooo! I love this! realized I could have made my bird image into a card kind of thing after seeing this. Thanks for a great idea!

Jenny said...

This is a concept even I could do! Of course I wouldn't get so detailed but I LOVE the look! Thanks for the idea!

Shelly Koskinen said...

This is beautiful!!!

Joan Ervin said...

Ooooh, I WON!!! Yeaaaaaaaa!!!!!
Such a silly old Grandma!!! Thanks, Chrissy.....now I gotta get busy on my coaster!!

Jacquie said...

I love everything you make!! You are such an inspiration! I have an award for you on my blog!

Anonymous said...

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