Saturday, August 9, 2008


These stamps are from a non-smoking home! I accept Paypal, Cash, Check or Money Order.
All stamps are in excellent condition. Please contact me at if you are interested in any of these items...

These prices do not include shipping. I will ship Priority Mail and will figure out postage when you confirm a stamp set for purchase along with sending your zip code.

Colorbox Pigment Ink and Refill, Black $3.00

Beary Merry Christmas - $15.00
Well Worn Words Background - $14.00
Both Way Blossoms - was level 2 Hostess set, BRAND NEW- $20.00
Words of Wisdom - Was $23.95 Now: $15.00
Merci - BRAND NEW$10.00
Merci Used: $8.00
Two-Step Painted Poinsettias -$25.00
Graceful Words $20.00-
Friendship Blooms - Brand New $12.00
2 Friendship Blooms (words used once) $8.00
Reverse Prints $15.00
Smorgasborders - $5.00
Small Script - $10.00
Big Blossom $10.00 BRAND NEW
Alphabits - $10.00
Monogram F - $17.95 NOW $14-
Weather or Not - $10.00
Springtime Fun DD- $25.00
Fun Filled - $8.00
So Many Sayings -$15.00
Painted Poinsettias - RARE! $30.00
Loving Hearts $12.00
Paint Prints $8.00
Tiny Talk - $10.00
Brighter Tomorrow $15.00
Going Out in Style - $20.00
Weather Or Not - $10.00
Smorgasborders - $5.00
All Season Wreath - RARE $20.00
God's Way $20.00
Holiday Woodcuts $15.00
Hearts & Posies $14.00
Home & Heart – RARE- $30.00

Cricut - cuts sizes; ranging from 1" to 5-1/2". Phrases and borders can be up to 11.5" long! I have used this about 15 times. It is is in EXCELLENT condition. Asking: $100.00 or Best Offer!

I will be adding more over the next few weeks! Be on the look out!


cogghe said...

Are there pictures for the stamps you are selling?

Anonymous said...

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