Monday, August 4, 2008

SNEAK PEAK into MY personal Stamp Set!!!!!

Have you ever had a moment when you were SOOOO EXCITED you could not stand it? My man comes home nearly every day for lunch. Well the mail man beat him to the door and came with a package. Nooo it was not my Stampin' Up! Catalog, this one was a PERSONAL package! LOL And for me MUCH MORE exciting. The package included my NEW STAMP SET! You know the one? The one I have DESIGNED!!! Well, the sample set came in and OHHHH MYYY WORD! I was THRILLED.

Let's just say, my husband was LUCKY I had already made him lunch! ROFL Yes...I know I am HORRIBLE wife, especially when STAMPS take precedence over my man. LOL He understood though. The past few weeks as I have been talking to him about this, he didn't say too much and the excitement hadn't hit him yet. Yesterday when the stamps came I even saw him get excited. Now let me tell man, does NOT get excited over much! LOL Even last night, when we were laying in bed talking he was excited! Yahoo. I see a glimmer of hope (Thank you, Lord!) that even my man can get excited!
The sad news was I had to work from 1-3. Then cook dinner for my family. I struck a deal with them though...I said IF I COOK, You all do the dishes so I can stamp!!!! LOL They all had mercy on me and allowed me to be excused to play with my stamp set. I figured that was a good trade off since I would have had my man run to Wendy's for dinner instead of cooking. SO they did have a nice home made, cooked dinner instead of fast food. LOL

Here are the details:
Stamp Set: Child of God (Sweet 'n Sassy - artwork by ME!)
Cardstock: Real Red, Tempting Turqouise, Wild Wasabi, East Coast Prep, Creamy caramel, Close to Cocoa, Blush Blossom, Brocade Blue
Accessories: Paper Piercing Tool, Mat Pack, Dimensionals, Bonefolder
Technique - I used the Technique Lovers Challenge over at SCS and it was TLC 180
Thank you for stopping by! I will posting MORE sneak peaks into Sweet 'n Sassy's EXCLUSIVE images coming out on September 1st. Of course, there will be MANY more of cards with this stamp set too!
Have a fabulous day!


TinaJewel said...

praying boy! What other designs are with this set?

Christi said...

This is fantastic Chris!! I am so happy for you!!

Liz's Lovelies said...

I like your stamp set, great job.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! That is so neat!

Anonymous said...

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