Saturday, August 16, 2008

Lighted Glass Blocks with Tutorial

Wayyyyy back when??? In 2005, I did a taught sveral classes in my home and on line on Lighted Glass Blocks. Several friends of mine recently asked for the tutorial again so I thought I share them here....

Looking at these photographs, personally I have to LAUGH at my ribbon tying. Thankfully I have gotten a LITTLE better at that! LOL

Glass Construction Block 4 1/4" square
20 count String of miniature lights, white wire
Double sided adhesive tape
Cold Laminate Sheet
Rubber Stamps
Markers, colored pencils, etc.
Glue, (Industrial type- E6000 recommended) - OPTIONAL
2 inch ribbon, Wire edges
Sprakle Modgepodge and Foam Brush

1. The surface area to cover on the glass block measures 3 3/4" square. Stamp and color your image. Cut the piece of cardstock 3 3/4" square (if you want to layer then cut pieces accordingly.) Repeat directions for an image on the reverse side.
2. Place the cardstock pieces face down on the cold laminate film. Press to remove any air bubbles.Trim the pieces closely along the outer edges.
3. Peel off the backing paper from one side of the double mounted adhesive tape sheet. Press it to the backside of the trimmed cardstock piece. Trim along the outer edges again. Repeat with other piece for back.
4. Make sure your glass block is wiped clean and free of finger prints. Lay the glass block flat on your work surface with the opening point toward you. Peel off the second adhesive backing from one of the pieces and position it carefully over the center of the glass block. Please do this SLOWLY - once your tape adheres, it is stuck for good! Press the piece down, espcially along the edges.
5. Turn the glass block over and repeat with the second piece.
6. Take the string of lights and feed it into the opening of the glass block. Place the last bulb inside and secure a piece of the cord with a dollop of industrial glue near the opening of the glass block. (optional) Let dry thoroughly.
7. Use a 2" wide strip of ribbon to cover the sides of the light. Wrap the strip completely around the sides of the glass block and tie a bow on the top. Add any other decorations if you wish.
8. Paint Sparkle Modgepodge on the glass borders to create a glittery frame.

Caution: Do not leave lights unattended for a long period of time! :)

If people are interested, I can get more glass blocks FOR SALE - Contact me at and I can give you more details. these glass blocks have the holes pre-cut inside of it, so no drilling is necessary!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend!


Lorie said...

These are absolutely lovely!

Shelly Koskinen said...

Still have mine...still love it.

De said...

I've done the blocks with other mediums but what a great idea! Beautiful!

Joanne (Stamps4sanity) said...

Wow! This is GORGEOUS! Beautiafully done...

Debby said...

Love these Chris, might have to make some of these as Christmas gifts.
Angel hugs

Anonymous said...

We started making those last Christmas, but the drill took forever to go through it. But, if you have a Hobby Lobby, they have them with a hole cut out for you! Thanks for some new tips!

Anonymous said...

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