Friday, November 28, 2008


HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY! :) I am no where near the malls. I refuse to go out where there are mobs of people shopping. I stay home where it was quiet. One of my dear friends called this morning and said it was strange... she said a lot of people were out shopping but not a lot of people were buying things. Hmmmm....

This week's Bloggers Challenge is an INSPIRATION CHALLENGE. For some reason, when I saw these colors on the Inspiration Challenge, I thought copper and apricot appeal. Now that I have these two pictures next to one another - they do not match the colors...but they looked similar in my head. Does that count? LOL

I embossed the Bella Toile in Copper EP on Copper Cardstock. I also embossed the text from Trust in the LORD from Sweet 'n Sassy. I love this stamp set! I just got it and can see already that I will use it a lot.

If you notice, I used the nestibilities and thought it looked to stark with the apricot appeal so sponged it with Copper Ink and then decided to SEW on my card. The stitching was done by hand! *gasp* LOL Not something I EVER do! But something came over me. :)

I used the cuddlebug die for the Creamy Caramel border and sponged that and then ran apricot appeal through it too. Copper cord is wrapped around the bottom and some coppery/mustard bling is added too.

I have been stamping yesterday and today so will have more to share! Do not forget to check out the other Blogger participants. You can click on the icon on the right.

Another thing is the Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps BLOG HOP is happening here - be sure to check out
Janette & Sandy's Blogs today and leave them an encouraging word! :)

Have a great Friday!!!!

Chrissy D


Christi said...

This is beautiful Chris!!

Carla said...

Well, it counts for me! I love copper and use it all the time! This is beautiful!

Lorie said...

That is so pretty Chris! Guess what I did...yep...I went to the store today! It wasn't too bad except for the clothing area...yikes! I wanted to hyperventilate in the childrens department but I made it though...whew!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful!

Marcia P said...

I can see how you thought copper and apricot, and it was worth it. Great card, very elegant.

:) Marcia

Kay's Creative Corner said...

Beautiful card! Love the way you made your BG!

ribenaruby said...

Wonderful creation, colours go well together and love all the embossing.

Lori said...

Pretty color combination.

Anonymous said...

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