Thursday, November 27, 2008


HELLO FRIENDS! I am taking a survey for a conversation I am having with my 17 yo daughter. when you have time, would you take a moment to answer? The survey will be open for 6 days. Thanks!
Chrissy D


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhhhh can I relate!! LOL My DD "just" turned 18 yesterday on Turkey Day! And she is much more resistant to helping and has not such a lovely attitude sometimes!! Ironically, my almost 16 yo DS is better!!! Ah well.........I have to keep reminding myself of what kind of teenagers they could be!! I am blessed!!! Just not necessarily with a neat and tidy home and cheerful children at all times!!! LOL Hugs to you!!!

bsgstamps4fun: Barb Gault said...

As a grandma I don't have these issues, however, my DD has a 15 yo, 6 yo and 4 yo none of which like to 'clean up' so there is always grumbling etc. when there is a deadline. Maybe one day, they'll be a harmonious team!

Sally said...

I am a grandma so have no children at home, however I do remember those days and there was always much grumbling because no one wanted to clean up. My beautiful 4 yo grandD seems to be having the same attitude. She hates to pick up after herself. Maybe one of these days! LOL