Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Cookie Challenge & a Challenge for You!

Have you stopped over at Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps Blog to see the NOVEMBER ROUND UP!? This is not my Round Up card for the month. I will post that some time this week - I am finally ahead on things I can post!

Things are peaceful within our home this past week, despite my son preparing for the Lego League competition. He is very excited and has his competition today! My husband found out he does not have to work, so is going to go with him and I will stay with the girls'.

On Paper Planet, Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps has the Christmas Cookie Challenge. What you do is pick a bunch of ingredients, then each ingredient equals something that has to do with stamping -

Here is what I chose: Brown Sugar, butter, Nutmeg, Eggs and Walnuts

These equalled: Walnuts = Stickles Brown Sugar = baubles or skittles Eggs = Vellum nutmeg = corner punch of any kind Butter = Watercoloring

I purchased this stamp by Rachel Anne Miller, from Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps months ago, but have failed to use it. So I decided to grab it and play!

If you want to play in this challenge - anyone can! The link is HERE.

Here is a bit more information about my card!
Stamp Sets: Rachel Anne Miller Teddy Bear, Jesus is Born by SNSS
Cardstock: Elegant Eggplant, Eva Basic Grey DP, Pink Piruoette, Watercolor Paper
Ink: Black Staz On, Bravo Burgundy,
Accessories: Paper Snips (I cut the flourish for the corner punch out of some DP), Stickles, Nestibilities Circle and Scallops, Dew Drops, Sponge, Watercolor Wonder Crayons, Aquapainters, White Gel Pen, Snowflake Felt, Mini Glue Dots

I have another little challenge for you. It has nothing to do with stamping just the season of Thanks and giving. I have gotten a bit lazy and selfish lately in the area of giving. I have been tired and busy with my immediate family circumstances and activities - today I felt God tugging on my heart strings to look outside of myself. So I will be taking this challenge myself.

I am sure you all know of some one who has a need - it could be an hour of your time to help clean, a monetary gift, food, time to talk whatever it is. Would you take some time this week to reach out to someone in need? Make it a sacrifice for you though. There will be a cost, but when we look outside of ourselves and minister to others, we are often more blessed by it then they are. If there is no cost to you, (in time, money or whatever) then it isn't a sacrifice, right?

Be a blessing this week to someone who isn't expecting it. More importantly, the blessings should start at home. How often do we take our family members for granted? (See my hand shooting up, like Horseshack in Welcome Back Kotter?) Oh! Oh! Me! Me! (I think I just aged myself. LOL) Anyways, I am challenging myself to be a blessing at home as well as outside of the home to others that I meet.

OK - I am done talking for now. Thanks for reading this far! I am thankful for you.

Have a great day! Enjoy this season of giving thanks...

Chrissy D


Anita said...

Beautiful card! Great job with the challenge. Thanks for reminding us for being thankful for our family and friends.

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

BEautiful card - love the candy-colors and sparkle! Thanks for the personal challenge, it's a great one not just for Thanksgiving, but at all times :)
hugs, Jami

Christi said...

Gorgeous card Chris!! And thank you for the reminder to be more giving towards my family and others.

Christina said...

I love this card the colors are stunning and it just blends really well together.

Leona said...

Beautiful card here barb.. the colours work so well together aswell......

Tracey Malnofski said...

You are a blessing to all of us.

Carla said...

Beautiful card, even more beautiful, and important, reminder!

Suleika said...

Gorgeous card!

Anonymous said...

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