Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another watercolored cabin

I am loving this cabin stamp. When my friend Holly sent me a stamped image of it, it only took one time to water color it before I KNEW I needed to buy it. It comes from Stampscapes and I absolutely love it.

I watercolored this with a combination of Twinkling H20's and Classic Ink pads. I actually started this as my SCS Sketch challenge card but could not make it fit into the sketch, so I changed it around and set this one aside.

With the sky being painted darker, the colors remind me of a storm moving through the area.

I am giving this card to a very special friend who recently lost a very close loved one. Her loved one is now with the Lord - there is no better place to be, but it does not diminish the pain of her loss. I imagine God has His arms wrapped around her, as He gives her strength and comfort during this difficult time.

Here are the details for the card:

Stamp Sets: Stampscapes Cabin, Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps Encouragement, SU Rough Texture Jumbo Wheel

Cardstock & Ink: Twinkling H20's, Black Staz On, Not Quite Navy, Soft Sky, Garden Green, Confetti White, Close to Cocoa, Creamy Caramel, Basic Gray,

Accessories: aquapainter, Dew Drops, mini glue dots, soft Sky double stitched ribbon, dimensionals

Thank you for looking. Have a blessed weekend and BE SAFE!


fitncrafty said...

Beautiful! I have an idea... You come with your copics, and I will cook you magic mineral broth and other yummy foods! sound good?

Anonymous said...

Chrissy, what a beautiful card, so detailed.

Tracy in AR

Shawna said...

This is amazing Chris!! I LOVE it!!

Suzanne said...

This is just lovely!

Karen said...

Beautiful card! Love the colors!!

Debby said...

Wow, Chris this is beautiful. Very well done my dear friend. Your coloring is perfect.
Angel hugs

Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

Sorry to read about the loss of your friend's loved one. May God be a comfort to them as well as your gorgeous card.


Anonymous said...

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