Sunday, July 20, 2008

Science Project Day 6

Houston...we have chrysalis...

This morning as we got ready for church we had 3 caterpillars hanging upside down -wiggling a lot. The three children were so excited because they were SURE that the caterpillars were in their cocoons...they weren't.

This afternoon around 4:30 - the three caterpillars were in cocoons. The three were squealing with delight! My 6 yo said, "I ammmm soooooooo happppyyyyyy." I do not remember when something like that made me soooo happppyyyy....I guess I am getting old.

It is now around 9:30 and the other 2 caterpillars are heading to the top to hang upside down. I anticipate by tomorrow they will both be in their chrysalis'.

Looks like my 8 yo son was right. He said that they would be in their cocoons before my birthday.

Have a nice evening! Thank you for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

That is really cool! But, I am a science nerd, so I would love that! What a great way to teach your children Biology!

fitncrafty said...

This is so awesome! My kids did this in school and just loved it! thank you for sharing it with everyone!