Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Never ending Card- Jesus Cares & Owl Celebrations

Have you ever seen the Never ending cards? I have seen them but I was perplexed as to how they did it.

My friend Cheryl showed me one last week while I was on vacation and I just knew I had to make one! I did a search on google for the directions and found a website that had a video tutorial and written document. I had no way of printing so I took good notes and went back to the condo and made this. You can go here for the tutorial. A special thank you to Dawn for excellent instructions and to Cheryl for reinspiring me!

Sweet 'n Sassy came out with this beautiful stamp set called Jesus Cares that showcases different Scriptures that are perfect to encourage those you care for and want to share God's Word with. I had grabbed my box of Sweet 'n Sassy stamps and pulled them out to play!

You can go here for the written tutorial from Dawn's Stamping Spot.

I put the photographs in the order the card will open up....

Here are the details:

Page One:
Stamp Set: Rachel Anne Miller Stamps - Lily, My Little Friend, Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps Encouragement
Cardstock and Ink: Lovely Lilac SU, K&Company BW Mira Specialty Paper (you can purchase through Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps). Adirondack
Accessories: Mini Glue Dots, Dew Drops, White Gel Pen, Copics

Page Two
Stamp Sets: Jesus Cares
Cardstock & Ink: K&Company BW Mira Specialty Paper, Certainly Celery, Barely Banana and Garden Green (SU)
Accessories: Dew Drops, Mini Glue Dots

Page Three
Stamp Sets: Owl Celebrations, Encouragement Sweet 'n Sassy Stamps
Cardstock and Ink: Black Adirondack, K& Company BW Mira Specialty Paper Pad, Ruby Red, Certainly Celery SU
Accessories: White Gel Pen, Copics, Paper Snips

Page Four:
Stamp Sets: Jesus Cares
Cardstock & Ink: Glorious Green, Brilliant Blue, Whisper White SU and K&Company BW Mira Specialty Paper Pad
Accessories: White Gel Pen, Bling Brad stickers

Thank you so much for looking! Have a great evening!


Lorie said...

That is just fantastic!

Ceal said...

WOW! this is great I will have to try one of these

Anonymous said...

Those are too cute! You did take great notes! Do you get all your scripture stamps from one place?

Bunny B said...

WoW!!! Awesome card!

Christi said...

Man I would LOVE to see this IRL!! This is fantastic Chris!!

evette said...

GREAT CARD!!! Not sure if I am up to trying one of these. Will pose it to my stamping club maybe our leader can try one and teach us all. Beautiful job. Just love your blog site. Keep us informed. evette

Anonymous said...

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