Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Science Experiment - Day One

My children and I are doing a Science experiment and a Unit Study on Butterflies this summer.

I will keep an online diary of it here, every day with details my children found out about it. Then I will have them make a lap book too and once that is complete I will share the pictures of that!

This was a kit we bought from an infomercial.
These caterpillars will double their size every day. Then they will form into a chrysalis and in time they will turn into butterflies.

I think these things are UGLY. My son thinks they are CUTE. He would. Last summer we did tad poles and now we have 3 large slimy frogs. I think those things are disgusting. They go flat when they are out of their water.

Yes, in case you were wondering, I am crazy. LOL Thank you for stopping by. I have more to post (not caterpillars either), so keep an eye out for more....


Anonymous said...

The frogs go flat when they're out of the water? I would like to see a picture of that!

Lorie said...

Very, very cool! We did this as a series of lessons last year at Easter time during Sunday school. The kids loved it and I'm sure you guys will too! Another great website (although probably more expensive) is insectlore.com I can't wait to see the changes! :o)

Anonymous said...

But they are God's creatures! I know how you feel, but that is such a great memory for the kids when they are older. Mealworms were my least favorite in my college biology class.