Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am a Proud Mom

I decided today, Saturday - since I am taking a day of silence - from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to share some more of my family with you. Everyone who knows me is thinking - Chris!? Silent?! I know that is hard to believe. LOL

I will stamp and share more Saturday evening and Sunday...

This is my beautiful daughter who is 17 years old. She had a formal tonight (Friday, October 17). She is bubbly and full of energy.

This is my handsome son, who is 8 years old. He LOVES anything LEGO's and Star Wars. This is something he built with out one of the LEGO kits- this is something he designed himself that probably looks like something in Star Wars. Heprobably told me, but my memory fails me as to which Starship it is. LOL

This is my beautiful 7 yo daughter. She loves to play My Little Pony, Polly Pockets and is my little stamper buddy! She loves all things ART.

I call her MINI ME. heehe

Her personality is just like mine. In fact...I think I have a photograph of myself at her age with the same pose (tongue sticking out)

I tell my sweet man several times a year, we may be in trouble in a few years. LOL I am praying and believing we will not be though. Right? :)

See this little fire cracker? She will be 4 years old next Monday. She is full of energy, loves to do whatever her older brother or sister is doing. She loves to snuggle with me and hang on me - LOL She enjoys arts and crafts too.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my beautiful family. I am very blessed. Although there are those moments I do not appreciate them like I should.

Have a blessed weekend! Stay tuned on Sunday for my Sisterhood of Blogging Stampers Challenge!


Christina said...

LOL it amazes me that kids seem to pick up our habits from when we were kids. Its hilarious. Cute kids and here's hugs to em all!

Lorie said...

They all look like they are angel children that never do anything wrong! What? What do you mean "no" that isn't the case? Sorry! Just trying to be funny! Have a super day and good luck with your silence...I don't think I could do it. :o)

Kathy W said...

your best creations yet!

fitncrafty said...

Your children are beautiful... I love seeing the photos!!!

Nikolas (my 6 yr old) was very impressed and inspired by the lego creations....

PaperAddictJenn said...

I love seeing pictures of everyone's families, so thanks for sharing about them!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful children! It was fun to see them and learn a little about them. ( BTW~ I have two boys that love Legos and Star Wars, and it looks like your son used his creativity with that Starship...I love those the best, when they make up their own idea and build it!)
Erin Glee : )

sari said...

such a beautiful family you have!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful family.

Courtney said...

Wow! What a hard thing to do! Silence? I'll have to try that... sounds like a great time for reflecting and focusing on our Creator.

Chrissy, you are one very, very blessed lady. Your children and so talented and just outright adorable. Your 17 year old just looks like a beautiful young lady. Congratulations!!

Anonymous said...

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