Saturday, October 4, 2008


If you have been following the Sweet 'n Sassy Blog today, you know that the Challenge for the 6 p.m. EST time slot. Her card sample is Jaw Droppin' GORGEOUS!

I decided to use Owl Occasions with the Owl Christmas Add ons stamp sets by Sweet 'n Sassy.

Can you guess what the *NEW* tool of the week is? You can always tell what is new in my office by what I use A LOT! LOL In case you hadn't is the Nestibilities!!!

The colors we were supposed to use were Red, Olive and Chocolate!

Here are some more details:

Stamp Sets: Owl Occasions, Owl Christmas Add Ons

Cardstock: Watercolor paper, Always Artichoke, Riding Hood Red, Chocolate Chip

Ink: Same, Black Staz On,

Accessories: Nestibilities, Scallop Edge, Aquapainter, Glue Dots, Gold Zig Painty, Felt Snowflakes, gems, Alpine Felt Ribbon, Paper Piercing, Mat Pack, White Gel Pen

Thanks so much for playing in the challenges and looking at our projects! Have a fabulous weekend!!!


Anita said...

I love your card. Great Job with the challenge

Lorie said...

How cute! This is adorable!

Stevie Merryweather said...

Love the colours! Gorgeous owl :). Stevie sbs-24

Sandy said...

Chrissy - this is adorable! I just love Olivia!!!


Courtney said...

Oh, this owl never looked so cute!

Kathy W said...

stinkin cute!

Christina said...

So cute never would of thought of using an owl for Christmas cards!

Julie's Crafty Corner said...

Love your card Chrissy, great job with the challenge!

Julie sbs-24

Leona said...

i love this card its so sos cute i love the litte owl hes just to cute i want him..... love the clours aswell hugs leona x

Kerry D-C said...

oh! this is DELIGHTFUL!!! I love that he is perched on a candy cane. A-DOR-ABLE!

Anonymous said...

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