Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mistakes Made - Jesus is Born card

Yes, I temporarily forgot to include this in any posts I had done the past few days! Sorry!

This weekend, I know there are two tutorials I want to "complete" that I said I would a few weeks ago - so those will be done too! The pencil box and the Scripture Binder...Be on the lookout for the tutorials...

There were three people who boldly looked and went where no man has gone before (***giggle***)

Julia Aston said...
ok, first I think this is a lovely card - wonderful stamps and pretty colors - but here goes with possible woops' on this card.1) one of the scallops on the framing is not the same size as the others, 2) the right dew drop is not lined up, 3) the purple strip appears to be angled down a little (left to right) 4) the sentiment is tilted a little 5) your panels are attached a little cooked on the card base.I feel so badly listing these things and only noticed when I enlarged the view - and since you said there were 5 things I really looked closely!!

Christi said...
First off, this is gorgeous!! As far as flaws, I didn't notice any until you said there were some so here's what I see: the eyelets are crooked, one of the pieces of cord is crooked, and some of the doodling around the scallop is messed up. But I had to look REALLY hard to find these flaws. You did great sweetie!!

Julz said...
You are so right Chrissy! So many times, I do not post something I don't feel it passes the "perfect thing" list! LOLI had a really hard time finding the errors.1. purple strip is slanted.2. scallop frame is cut unevenly3. purple dew drop not in line with the others.4. sentiment is slanted.5. purple underlayer is off center

Since they risked looking so closely, I am going to reward each of them! Ladies, contact me with your mailing information and I will send you a special gift!

Now for the five things I saw that were wrong with it (and was ready to do away in the garbage, until I decided to make this a learning opportunity that others can still use their "flawed" cards. LOL)

1. I tried going around the edge with a pen and the pen slipped, leaving a mark on the ovals.
2. I wanted to make a smaller circle and tried to cut one out, but I didn't like the way it cut off Joseph's head.
3. Scallop oval did not end perfectly.
4. Plum cardstock is on a bit crookedly.
5. Dew Drops did not stick to the mini glue dots and were a bit angled.

I could go with 6 too because I hadn't noticed the words were on crooked too! LOL

So there you have it. We personally pick our own work apart - we can see the imperfections, but others have to look CLOSELY at it to see what we see because we KNOW it is there. :) To see the flawed card again, look here.

Thank you for stopping by!

Can anyone tell me how you include those cool signatures? LOL Is that just an image attached? Thanks!


Wendy said...

hi chrissy you go here to make the signatures, .


Wendy said...

When you have your signature, save the code.
you then go onto your Customise,then settings,Then you will see formatting, click on that, then at the bottom of the page you will see Post template with a box, paste your code here and save.
That way your signature will be at the start on each post, you then just post as normal and the sig moves don the page and ends at the
bottom of your posting.

If you get lost just give me a shout


Christi said... don't have to send me anything sweetie but you can if you want to! *wink* You still have my info right? :D

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