Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Unmotivated Child - a Parenting tip

I get these Parenting tips each week and this one struck me kind of funny. Reading the topic, you probably why I think it is funny? Well, because I am thinking What do you do when YOU are unmotivated? ROFL I read it and thought it should say...

The Unmotivated Mom. heehee

Here is the information I read, in case you are interested... if not, there will be a new post in the morning!!! :)

Parenting Tip

October 2, 2008

The Unmotivated Child

Unmotivated children are generally passive, cooperative, flexible, easygoing, and accommodating. These children may be easier to get along with because they lack the drive of strong-willed kids, but parents also struggle with these children at times. They may not have the fortitude to stand up for themselves, withstand temptation, or push hard to complete a task. They’re sometimes people-pleasers and may be easily directed in positive or negative ways, depending on who they’re with.

Even unmotivated kids wrestle with issues and questions in their hearts, although you may not see it as clearly as in the strong-willed child. Some children process things more internally and aren’t as transparent. These children appear compliant, allowing others to make decisions or take the lead, but their anger may be growing inside.

Sometimes parents overlook the unmotivated child because she isn’t causing any trouble, generally gets along with people, and appears easygoing. It may be more difficult to know what’s going on in this child’s heart. Understanding this child requires some extra work and effort.

The Bible tell us of people who needed a little extra motivation to get moving in the right direction. God often came alongside people such as Moses, Elijah, and Jacob to motivate them to take initiative when they might not have done so otherwise. Unmotivated children often need the brush cleared off their paths of life. Children who tend to give up easily need help to see the path more clearly so they can take the steps necessary for success.

This parenting tip is taken from chapter three in the book Parenting is Heart Work by Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller RN BSN.

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